Sunday, June 6, 2010

Green is the new grey.....

5-15-2010 Oil 9 x 12"

This plein air painting was made at Formar Arboretum, near my home in Burton. It's nice to have a place like this in your "own backyard" to go and paint. My only complaint is that the park is closed on Monday and Tuesday?? Anyhow, this was my first painting of the hot season....It feels like full blown summer here and it's only early June! It was also my first painting this year that contained more greens than greys. And from this point onward, it looks like I will be dealing with some "green" for quite some time. I have seldom painted the summer greens in the past due to my own lack of interest in the overall palette, but I think this year might be different. I think that it will forcibly enable me into the practice of monochrome painting (using one color, with several variations). Besides, after a long Michigan fall and winter, who can really complain??