Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Well, the first snows have lured me out. I got one more chance to paint this year. The cold air was much more difficult on the lungs when it came to hiking uphill. Once I got out into the wild, the winter greys made the forest seem so quiet and still. It was very peaceful out there but pretty damn cold.....my feet suffered the most. This particular painting was completed in a hurried state, due to the frigid temps and the realization that once I finished the painting I still had a mile or so to walk back to my truck. Overall, I enjoyed the palette of this piece, but the composition suffered a bit.....probably not a keeper, but a good experience.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who Knew?.....

12-3-2009 Oil 9 x 12"

Well, it's definately starting to get cold here now in Michigan. This plein air painting might have been my last for this year. I'm sure that the sun will lure me out later this winter, but for now, I am just not quite ready for the frigid air of winter. Glad I went out to paint that day. There was a moment when I was working on this painting that made me realize just how wonderful natural colors are in this time of year. I had a difficult time in the early fall finding compositions to suit my color interests--there was just too much color saturation everywhere. Whereas, in this time of year, at first glance, the dull overcast sky seems to suck the very life from everything on the horizon. But at closer inspection, the residual greys left behind happen to make beautiful moody palettes that are soft and still as if the earth were resting....something this painting is about.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leelanau Orchards and Vineyards

12 x 16" Oil Leelanau Vineyards

This 12 x 16" oil painting was created in my studio in an alla prima fashion ( in one sitting). My wife and I visited Traverse City, Michigan this past summer. While we were there, we traveled up the thin strip of land that separates the East and West Traverse Bays. Apparently, this place has the perfect climate for orchards and vineyards. What I really enjoyed about the landscape there, was the many planes of land that were layered towards the horizon. These thin strips of color made for an interesting composition and painting subject. I get excited about these kinds of things, but my wife was more interested in the wine tasting.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fading Light...

11/10/2009 Oil 9 x 12"

This is a spot I have painted twice this fall at twilight. The first evening I just did not have enough light. Made sure I got there earlier the second night. I really liked painting in this location because of the noticeable elevation, which is rare in southern Michigan. I would like to paint at twilight more often, but most of the time I seem to get out too late and by the time I find a spot, I have already hiked a mile or two. And at this time of year the light fades quickly. Hope you enjoy.