Saturday, January 30, 2010

Falling Twilight......

16 x 20" Oil 2009

This painting was made last year. It kind of reminds me of landscape around me now...snow. Aside from the snow, the moonlight, when it's clear out, has an amazing effect on the early evening landscape. I took the reference photo of this painting when I was outside painting one evening late last winter. I was all into my plein air painting, I finished, cleaned my brushes, packed my stuff, and turned around a saw this beautiful image directly behind me. Too bad, because that particular plein air piece wasn't that great, where this scene would have been nice to paint from life. Nevertheless, I captured the image and made this painting from it. I really tried to control the values and saturation of this image, making it calm and meditative. I think I want to revisit this type of subject, but maybe with a bit more color this time around.

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